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Hold Me Tight High Waist Biker Shorts

SKU: EB-HoldMeTightBikerShorts

The most most diverse biker shorts for your closet. These Biker Shorts can be worn with crop tops, oversized shirts and can be used as a faja (shape wear) under your trendiest faves. You can also fold them like the pictures above. The best part? They are one size. These shorts will comfortably fit a size 11 to 13.

How do they fit and feel: One size biker shorts, have lots of stretch, the biker shorts have a hem in between the waist band and the start of the short. That area can be see thru depending on your actual size. It can easily be covered underneath with black panties. This is not considered damage. It is the way these shorts are manufactured creating a division between the compression and actual legging fabric. (The thick waist band should go above your waist/hips.) Optional to wear folded or as is in photo.